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Sofia Ansari is a well-known TikTok star who has been dubbed "Tiktok Queen" by some. Sofia has almost 5 million followers and 98 million likes on Instagram. She began filming videos on her Youtube channel when TikTok was banned in 2020. She has 47 thousand YouTube subscribers.

She primarily uploads vlogs and short videos on YouTube. In March, a video of her became viral on Instagram, resulting in a massive increase in her follower base.

She is the sexiest Indian girl on Instagram, with a large following. Due to her seductive and flamboyant dress, she has been the target of a lot of abuse on social media. Sofia Ansari is always trending on social media, which has led to her modeling in several music videos. 

Sofia Ansari Info & Wiki


Sofia Ansari






25 Years


April 30, 1996


Gujarat, India




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Not Known


Modeling & Acting


Photoshoot & Dancing



Sofia Ansari Biography

On April 30, 1996, she was born in India. Sofia is a TikTok star, influencer, and model from West Bengal. She was recently in Vadodara, Gujarat. She is a 25-year-old social media influencer who is both youthful and beautiful. Sofia rose to prominence at a young age. Sofia is well-known for her lip-sync videos on TikTok. She has only recently begun uploading videos to her Youtube page. This website should be bookmarked if you want to keep up with her newest news. Get complete information about Sofia Ansari below in this article.

Sofia Ansari Early Life & Career

Early Years

Her lip-sync video for Gori Tere Jiya Hor Na Miliya Song, which helped her attain recognition, is also well-known. Her videos have garnered a lot of positive feedback from the general people. She was born into a Muslim family. Ansari is a Gujrat University graduate who presently lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She has become a YouTube sensation. After the TikTok ban, people are using youtube instead of TikTok to watch her videos.

Professional Life

Sofia Ansari, commonly known as Tiktok Queen, is a well-known Instagram celebrity. Sofia rose to fame after a Tiktok video of her lip-syncing went viral. Sofia now has over 7 million TikTok followers and 98 million likes. When Tiktok was prohibited in 2020, she began making videos on her YouTube channel. Sofia has a YouTube following of 180 thousand people. She makes vlogs and uploads small videos to YouTube regularly. Sofia now posts videos on Instagram, where she has 7.3 million followers. When a video she made went viral on Instagram in March 2021, her fan base exploded.

Parents of Sofia Ansari

We now have just this information, but we will update it when we discover more about her parents, siblings, and relatives.

Sofia Ansari Height And Physical Appearance

Sofia Ansari stands around 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs approximately 52 kg. She has black hair and brown eyes. Sofia Ansari has a stunning appearance that no one can ignore. She has maintained a slender and fit physique. Her photoshoots are quite enticing.

Sofia Ansari Age

Sofia Ansari, who was born on April 30, 1996, is a 25-year-old actress.

Facts About Sofia Ansari

Sofia Ansari is a well-known TikTok celebrity who uploads videos daily. Sofia Ansari has over 2 million TikTok followers and over 25 million loves. Sofia Ansari has 5 million Instagram followers.

Sofia Ansari is an Indian model, TikTok celebrity, and Internet influencer recognized for her dance routines, comedy videos, and couple vids on TikTok. She rose to fame in a short period because to her TikTok lip-sync video for Gori Tere Jiya Hor Na Miliya Song.

  • Sofia created a YouTube account and began posting makeup tutorials on her channel.
  • She has 47k YouTube subscribers.
  • Sofia Ansari loves her mother alot.
  • She enjoys going on adventures.
  • Sofia Ansari is a drinker? No.
  • She makes videos in collaboration with other producers.
  • She is a spokesperson for several well-known businesses, mostly in the fashion and lifestyle industries.
  • Her ambition is to work as an actor.

Sofia Ansari's Nationality

Her nationality is Indian.

Sofia Ansari's (Tiktok Star) professional life

Sofia's is a Tiktok favorite. She is a model who has been in several videos. She's was one of TikTok's most popular female creators.

In India, she had a sizable fan base. Her TikTok account had 5.2 million followers. Her age has increased to 25 in 2022, and she now has 500k Instagram followers.

Her age has increased to 25 in 2021, and she now has 500k Instagram followers.

Sofia Ansari's net worth

Sofia Ansari's net worth is estimated to be aroud 50 lakhs.

50 lakhs (about) in net worth (Approx)

Income Source: Instagram, Brand Promotion

Monthly remuneration: 2.5 lakhs